1. Cuz it’s Thursday :) #tbt


  3. Only you, can make this world go round.

  4. Oh how I missed cuddle times with teepee :)


  5. Because every moment counts.


  6. Dislike.

    Sleeping through texts :(

  7. Lol

    (Source: twkirky)


  8. Thanks to Nyquil, I got sleep.
    Knocked out by 10 pm. Lol
    Still woke up a couple hours later but sleep is sleep. Migraines still here though. Sigh


  9. I cherish every single little second….


  10. Feels weird being home…..

  11. Why didn’t I buy these?

  12. Pupppieees

  13. My first snapchat Saturday morning, Seattle bound. Grrr… I wanna go back


  14. Woke up depressed af.
    Well then…


  15. Click!

    Can we just go back to Seattle?
    We didn’t press pause :(