1. Holy. Caleb. Johnson.


  2. How do I go to this meeting crying… Ugh


  3. When you are yelled at for doing the right thing….. Makes you wonder if the right thing you did was actually right…..

  4. Perks of my job, I get to drive out and fulfill my cravings anytime I want.
    Downer: I just killed my diet.
    Lol weak. This peanut butter chip pecan cookie though. Damn.

  5. Breakfast! Perfection.


  6. Texts all day, love it.

  7. Hunger pains after gaming.

  10. My booster juice fix after groceries and before gaming with the cousins. Was a choice between shoes or booster juice. Lol guess I made a wise decision.

  11. Gaming.


  12. 945am.
    Barely any sleep.
    Here I go, again.

    Calling today an official lazy day.
    Homebound minus the fact that I have to buy groceries for this week’s lunch. Hmm.. What to buy, what to buy.


  13. Can’t sleep… Movie run.
    Gravity, first up.

  14. Hehe this dogs hug right now…… Guess he missed me this much. Cuteness overload. He’s been like this for the past hour. :)

  15. Cuddle with this cutie… Just…. Not the same though….. Hmph …